Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Harajuku Street Fashion

Harajuku is one of the most popular fashion and shopping district in Tokyo, Japan, best known for its famous Harajuku Girls. For many young Japanese people, spending their time in Harajuku on the weekends is almost a necessity. Harajuku is always full of teenagers with outrageous outfits, expressing their identity through their fashion.

There is a variation of styles in the Harajuku fashion:
-Goth Lolita: entails dressing up like a Victorian doll with gothic, feminine and elegant dresses.
-Punk: involves wearing punk clothes like that of 70’s with makeup, piercing, and accessories.
-Cosplay: the term derives from “costume play”, which involves wearing outfits, often self-made, of cartoon, animation, and game characters.
-Wamono: involves mixing of traditional Japanese clothes with Western fashion.
-Kawaii: means “cute” in Japanese. Kawaii style puts a great emphasis on the cuteness of toys and animation characters.
-Decora: the term derives from “decoration”, and its style literally involves decorating oneself from head to toe with plastic toys and accessories.

Harajuku Girls mix, match, and integrate one or more of these styles to ultimately create their own, unique fashion. Harajuku Girls and their fashionable styles caught worldwide attention by American singer, Gwen Stefani, with her song “Harajuku Girls”.

Gwen Stefani – Harajuku Girls (Live)

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